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Remote Guarding

Remote Guarding

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Partnering with innovative technology companies such as Hakimo, Deep Sentinel, Reconeyez, Acadian, AMC, and others, Pro-Techs Security specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for your remote guarding needs. Remote guarding involves utilizing advanced surveillance technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and real-time monitoring to protect your premises from anywhere, ensuring proactive security measures and rapid response to potential threats.

Remote Guarding FAQs

What is remote guarding? Does it work?

The concept of remote guarding is simple. Like a traditional camera system, the cameras will start to record when they see motion, but the motion alerts will be sent to a professionally staffed and managed monitoring center. At the monitoring center, trained agents will view the activity the cameras can see. The live guards will then talk to the trespassers or people they view. The guards will give commands such as “Hey you in the blue hat, you are trespassing—leave immediately, or we are calling the police.”

Do many companies do remote guarding?

Pro-Techs Security has relationships with several companies that provide remote guarding. While the concept is simple, some differences exist between the companies that provide the service and the equipment they use. We know which companies can perform well in your use case.

Does remote guarding work?

We have seen remote guarding work well to deter and stop crimes! Overall, it’s an excellent investment. However, because remote guarding relies on many pieces of technology, including the camera, the analytics and programming of the Internet, your ISP, and possibly cellular devices, there is always the slight possibility that events will occasionally be missed. However, in our experience, missed events are few and far between.

My company already has live security guards. Why would we want to spend money on remote guarding with cameras?

Remote guarding works very well with live guards protecting a property. Think of remote guarding as a force multiplier. Your guards may be in the West parking lot looking into a situation. The agents at the monitoring center might see something happening in the East parking lot. They will immediately contact your live guards to explain what they see. If you already have live guards and incorporate remote guarding, you may be able to reduce the number of live guards or eliminate them if you have a quick response from your local Police Department.
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