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Access Control

Take Control of your Building

Whether you’re protecting sensitive zones within your facility, controlling employee access levels, or refining visitor management procedures, Access control provides a tailored solution to meet your security requirements. Say farewell to conventional locks and keys and welcome the future of security with access control—where peace of mind intersects with cutting-edge technology. Pro-Techs Security partners with top brands, including Avigilon, Openpath/Motorola, Axis, Kisi, Brivo, and many others, to ensure you can access the most advanced solutions.

Access Control FAQs

What are some of the significant benefits of having access control?

Access control empowers you to manage entry to your building and specific areas, determining who can enter and when. You have the flexibility to lock individuals out instantly or adjust their access permissions as needed, all while generating detailed reports for your records. Think of access control as a remote standing guard, granting entry to authorized personnel and tracking their arrivals. One of its major advantages is the significant reduction in reliance on traditional keys, which can be easily copied. In situations like employee misconduct or terminations, access control offers peace of mind by allowing you to promptly revoke access privileges via a convenient app interface, eliminating the need to track down physical keys and worry about unauthorized copies. Plus, with just a few clicks, you can provide temporary access to visitors, streamlining the management of your facility’s security.

Do I have to have expensive servers and an IT person to maintain the system?

No. Pro-Techs Security offers state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions that you can easily manage from your smartphone or through a user-friendly desktop interface. Since it’s cloud-based, there’s no need for costly IT hardware on your premises, making it a cost-effective and hassle-free option for your business.

How complicated is it to set up users and their permissions?

Setting up users and configuring their permissions is simpler than you might think. It often involves basic steps such as entering usernames and credentials and selecting permissions from checkboxes. We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the setup process and offer training to ensure you’re comfortable managing user access. Alternatively, Pro-Techs Security can handle the setup entirely.

What are credentials?

Essentially, they are the means by which individuals gain access to your facility. This can include intelligent access cards that fit into wallets, fobs for key rings, or even smartphones. Companies increasingly opt for smartphones and smartwatches as credentials due to their widespread use and convenience. This eliminates the need to purchase separate key fobs, streamlining access management processes.

Is it expensive to have access control installed?

If the door you wish to secure has never had access control and currently relies on traditional mechanical locks, there will be an initial expense. This involves a certified locksmith installing electrified locking hardware into the door, which becomes a permanent upgrade. Depending on the door type and required locks, door modification costs typically range from $900 to $1800. However, this step may not be necessary if your doors already feature electrified locks. After the locks are installed, the next step involves the installation of controllers, readers, and wiring, with expenses fluctuating depending on the access control brand you select. Schedule a free consultation with us for a personalized assessment and reliable cost estimates.

What happens if there is a power outage or my modems go down, and we can't reach the Internet? How will people enter the building? Are all my employees locked out?

Rest assured, our installed systems are designed to operate even without an internet connection. As part of our installation process, we include carefully calculated battery backups to sustain the system during power outages. Additionally, each door will have a manual key override as a fail-safe measure. It’s recommended that this key be kept secure, ideally in the possession of management, and not distributed to employees.

Contact Pro-Techs Security or schedule your complimentary consultation to discuss your access control needs.

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